The chronological aspect of the karen ancestry and their national movement background histiory in briek

Monday, January 12, 2009

Karen Youth Seminar8 to 11 January 2009AUSTRALIA KAREN ORGANIZATION INCComplied by:Mahn Chit SeinThe chronological aspect of the Karen ancestry and their nationalmovement background history in briefThe Karen’s settlementThe Karen are the decendants of Mongolian.They are the first to migrate and settled down in a country known as Burma followed by Mon, Shan,Rakine and Myanmar etc.According to Saw Aung Hla,a Karen Historian,the Karen routed from MongolianPlateau,through Tibet,crossing western China into Burma.For the first time, the Karenmoved down through Mekong Meinum riverine route to the South East Asia region in the year 1125 and settled down in Laos.Cambodia andVietnam.In BC 739,the cruised down the coast of the river Salween and Irrawaddy andput down roots at north and south easten Thailand,southern Shan State and centralBurma from where they also spread down to deltra region and Sitting river basin.Historically,the Karen settled down in nine areas in river valleys and basins namely(1)Yangse valley(2)Ho-valley(3)sit-kyan valley(4)Kong-tone valley(5)Mai-Kongvalley(6)Mei-Num valley(7)Salween valley(8)Irrawaddy valley and(9)Siottaung valleyin south east asia more than 3000 years ago.Because of their past habitation in these river valleys they are known as “Koe-D_Thar”.Yang-se river in China is named after the Yen people who lived in the upper reaches of the river and the Chinese historical document recorded that Yen are the Karen people.Karens existence during feudalistic eraMon,Shan,Myanmar and Rakhine arrived successively and adopting feudalism,set uptheir individual satets. Serious rivalries developed between the states and numbers ofclashed took place.Feudalism is absolute monarchy.A handful of autocrats ruled and enslaved the people.Clashes between the states were brutal and the losers were slaughtered by the winners.Cilivization and cultural heritages were confiscated and the masseive ones are destropyedand set on fire.Because of these reciprocal cruelties there was no peaceful period.Only whena powerful country defeat and colonized all other countries, the fightingcased and the rehabilitation of the country began.The benefits of the undertaking areenjoyed only by the autocrats,their families,their relatives and the service personnel.TheBurmese despots wrervictorious during King Anawrahtar reign in 1044AD, Bayin-naungreignduring 1531 AD-1551 ADand A-Long-Pha-Yar regin during 1753-1761AD.The Burmese historians interpreted these period as “ability in country-wideorganization”.The losers weregathering strength for revenge and they relative whenever they can.Thewinners used various methods of brutality to oppress these rebels.The feeling of tacialhatred was conceived among the people ever since autocrats ruling.Because of theseautocrats expansionism and theiragression thee lives of the karen became slaves tocultivation.All land,houses,prperties and animals belonged to them were robbed andconfiscated.Had to go on hiding at remote and uninhabited places. Suffered death forlack of food and illness.This deadly life and suffering went on for thousands of years.Therefore the karen areabysmally poor, out-of-date,prepetually rearing,discouraged,low self opinion,over contented,low self esteem.These are thelegacy of undesirabletraits and illness left to the Karen by the auto crafts.Colonialism and the Karen existence.While,Mon,Burmese,Rakhine and Shan arefighting each ther for aggression andtrespassing.In 17AD,the western European countries began colonization to establishcolonies.Portugese,Spanish,Dutch,English and French arrived in Asian countries for trade and commerce and gradually colonizedthe countries.The British owned EastIndian Company came intoconflicits with the Burmese King over the trade and wagedthree wars with the Burmese Kings.After the first battle in 1824,The British seized Rakhine and Tennesarim coastal area,thesecond battle in1852,lower Burma ,Pegu divisionand Irrawaddy delta area.In 1885,theBritish made the final assualt and occupied the whole country.Nearly one thousand yearsrule of ruthless,ferocious and bullinf Burmese autocrats has come to an end.The countryhas fallen into the hands of British Empire.It was said that the Karenw who suffwered the atrocities andmistreatment under the Burmese autocrats,felts relieved and better.The Britisn colonized Burma and monopolized the economy of the country and Capitalism developed.They conduct the bureaucracy means of administration,oppressiveandinflexible,divide and rule and created hatred and contempt which resulted inhostilities and provocations among the races.In the year 1830 and 1840,it was said the Karen made progress in S’ gaw Karen andPwo Karen literature. The American Missionariesnot only initiated this literacy but setup the class room for teaching.In 1914,primary schoool was established followed bymiddle schoole in1924 and high school in1926. 2/3 of the Karen male and femalestudents were able to attend the universities and colleges operated by the BritishGovernment.Brilliant and outstanding Karen students werechosen to study in Englandand America for higher education.The Karen intellectuals were employed to work in the British administration departments.That time, the Karen p[eople set up organizations fortheir religions,social and national developments.They are:-Daw-ka-lu(KNA)formed in 1881Karen Buddhist Association formedin 1919Byin-ma-so-AssociationKaren Baptist AssociationKareb Educational AssociationKarenWriters AssociationKaren Labors OrganizationKaren Research AssociationThese organizations worked for the comprehensive developement of the Karencommunity.The significant betterment the community made compares to threat,oppression,torture and killing suffered under the rule of autocrats,is noteworthy.But the changes were meanningful;

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