Kachin party – but not KIO – to contest 2010 election

by Mizzima News
Tuesday, 13 January 2009 22:51

(Interview with Dr. Tu Jar)

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – The Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) will not be transformed into a political party to contest the planned 2010 general election, however civilians from the party will contest the election. Meanwhile, the KIO will cautiously follow news being circulated on the mounting pressure on ceasefire groups to surrender, according to Dr. Tu Jar, Vice-Chairman of the KIO, which reached a ceasefire agreement with Burma’s military junta in 1994.

Mizzima’s Phanida interviewed the Vice-Chairman and asked him of his views on politics, economics and environmental and health issues.

Q: Will the KIO contest the 2010 general election as a political party?

A: The KIO will never form a political party and contest the election. Only civilians will form a party and they will contest this election. The KIO has nothing to do with forming political parties and contesting elections; as this is a matter solely for civilians.

Q: We heard that the Kachin Consultative Council will form a political party. Is it true?

A: No, the Kachin Consultative Council will not form a political party, only civilians will form a political party. There will be occasional consultation and cooperation between leaders of the Consultative Council and leaders of other Kachin organizations, but the Kachin Consultative Council has nothing to do with politics and it will not form a political party. The people will form a party freely. This is our plan.

Q: If they so desire, how can KIO members join this party?

A: If they wish to join the party, they must quit any other organizations. The newly established party will be an independent party. It must be like that, and it will be like that.
Q: Let me ask again. Are you sure the KIO will not contest the 2010 election?

A: Our KIO organization will not contest the election and will not form a political party. We will follow the current path and will enter into a dialogue with the new government, which will emerge at the end of the 7-step roadmap. So, the KIO will not form a political party and will not contest this election. We will not make any trouble until the end of the roadmap, maintaining our current position and status. continue http://www.mizzima.com/edop/interview/1540-kachin-party-but-not-kio-to-contest-2010-election.html

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