Deutsche Presse Agentur Misquotes NLD’s Win Tin by Buffalohair

Buffalohair Gazette International 07 Jan 2009
As if the struggle for Burma’s democracy did not have enough to contend with, a European news service, Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA) negligently misquotes National League for Democracy, Win Tin. In a scathing article published November 29, 2008 this journal eluded to the notion the NLD was divided over the 2010 elections according to *Irrawaddy.

With a nation under constant siege from the criminal regime of Dictator Than Shwe and a populous still reeling from the results of the bogus Constitutional Referendum it is clear this was patently offensive. With deep ties within Burma and the world I find this absolutely appalling that a news agency would allow for such inaccurate and irresponsible news to be reported.

With moral within the borders of Burma at an all time low this news story was exactly what Than Shwe would have wanted. Like driving the final nail on the proverbial coffin, Deuche Presse Agentur only added to the misery and sorrow of a beleaguered nation. Outrage and insult is the response from the political and refugee communities around the world and I find this patently offensive to say the very least. Shame on you DPA for you now own the Burmese community an apology at the very least.


Detained NLD member denied family visits

Jan 8, 2009 (DVB)–Insein township National League for Democracy member Tun Tun Naing has been banned from receiving family visits in Meikhtila prison, where he has been detained since 24 November last year.

Tun Tun Naing was sentenced to 19 years’ imprisonment in connection with the September 2007 protests.
Aye Aye Thet, Tun Tun Naing’s wife, said he had been banned from receiving visitors for one month.
“Apparently some senior officials came to the prison on Monday to check on sanitation systems and the personal hygiene of the inmates there,” Aye Aye Thet said.
“Most of the inmates did not talk directly to the senior officials but just communicated via the prison officials,” she said. continue

–Detained commodity protester Aung Kyaw Oo, who has now been sent to the remote Pu-Tao prison, has told his wife he was badly beaten when he arrived in Bago prison on 24 December.

Jan 8, 2009 (DVB) Aung Kyaw Oo is the joint secretary of Taik Gyi township National League for Democracy.
He was sentenced to 13 and a half years’ imprisonment in December 2008 and has now been sent to Pu-Tao prison on the northern edge of Burma in Kachin state.
Aung Kyaw Oo’s wife Aye Aye Maw said her husband had told her about his mistreatment during their last meeting.
“When I met him the last time, he told me he had had a problem with [Bago] prison officials on the day he arrived as he didn’t obey their order to sit in a stress position,” Aye Aye Maw said.
“All he did was tell them politely that there was no rule in the prison regulations and they started throwing his begs and belongings around,” she said. continue

The 14th Asean Summit will be held from February 27 to March 1 in the beach-resort town of Hua Hin. ASEAN SUMMIT

by Nation Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva yesterday said threats by anti-government protesters to jeopardise the summit had been a key factor in deciding to move the meeting venue from Bangkok to there.

It will be easy for relevant agencies to provide security in Hua Hin, he said.

Abhisit said the Hua Hin summit would be limited to only the 10 Asean leaders, while follow-up meetings with dialogue partners, including the East Asia Summit, would be held in April.

The government decided to separate the meeting into two parts because key partner China was busy with the National People’s Congress meeting late next month.

Dialogue partners from Japan, South Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand will also have to wait until April to meet with Asean.

The date and venue of the summit has been changed more than once, due to internal political chaos and leaders’ tight schedules.

It was originally supposed to be held about the middle of last month but postponed after People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) protesters shut down Suvarnnabhumi and Don Mueang airports in late November, to protest the previous government. continue

The world looks away as Burma mocks democracy HRW ORG

The world looks away as Burma mocks democracy
by David Scott Mathieson
JANUARY 6, 2009

Dictatorships are not known for their sense of humour, nor do they appreciate being laughed at. It came as no surprise then when the ruling military regime in Burma recently sentenced the country’s best known comedian, named Zarganar, to 59 years in prison. continue
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Lawyer in ILO case harassed by authorities

Jan 8, 2009 (DVB)–Lawyer Pho Phyu, who is well known for representing political activists, has complained of being harassed by local authorities when he went to Nat Mauk township to attend a court hearing.

The case involved farmers who were arrested after reporting land confiscation by the military to the International Labour Organisation.
Pho Phyu said he was denied guest registration on arrival in the Magwe town on 1 January and was pressured by authorities when he tried to check into a guest house.
Later that evening, while he was waiting for a bus to go back to Rangoon, a group of local government officials led by Magwe police station 1 chief Kyu Aye apprehended Pho Phyu. continue

The Yawnghwe historical museum, previously the palace of Yawnghwe, has been designated as a Buddhist museum by the Burmese military, according to reliable sources.

he palace has been converted into a historical museum, housing some of the most precious artifacts of the Shan princedom since 1369.

In May 2008, all displayed antiques such as Saofah’s regalia (royal garments worn by Shan princes), lacquer wares, ancient armaments, and two imperial thrones were already moved and replaced with the Buddha images, said a local resident.

“I don’t know where the things were moved. I just saw only the Buddha images are being displayed now,” he said. The age and origin of these Buddha images is also unknown, but it is unlikely that they have the same historical and cultural importance as the previous artifacts of the Yawnghwe historical museum.

However, some locals are saying that the Shan artifacts were reportedly moved to Nay Pyi Taw, the new capital of the Burma.

The report will be updated as soon as more information arrives.

Yawnghwe is one of the oldest principalities of the Shan State. Its last ruling prince was Sao Shwe Thaike, who became the first president of the independent Union of Burma. His consort was Sao Nang Hearng Hkam, the founder of the Shan State Army (SSA).

A similar story has taken palce in northern Shan State with the palace of Sao Kya Seng, Prince of Hsipaw and his consort Sao Nang Inge who wrote Twilight of Burma. This historical building has been closed, according to sources. image_mini1