MYANMAR: Farmers lament post-Nargis harvest

THAUK KYAR, 7 January 2009 (IRIN) – U Nay Aung, a resident of Thauk Kyar village in Dedaye Township, is one of thousands of farmers across the cyclone-affected area who never gave up, succeeding after the fourth attempt to yield some harvest.

In May, his 4.6 hectares of paddy fields were badly affected by the tidal surge that accompanied Cyclone Nargis. When the donated seeds did not take, he borrowed money to buy his own.

However, compared with the previous year, when he managed a US$700 profit from the 8MT of paddy harvested, this December, U Nay Aung harvested less than 5MT while his overheads spiralled following three failed planting attempts.

At a lower market price of about $250/MT, U Nay Aung estimates he will earn less than half the amount in 2007.
Eight months after Cyclone Nargis, this year’s monsoon paddy harvest is less than hoped


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