Human Rights Abuse in Myanmar?

People attend a signing ceremony for a gas sales and purchase agreement with the Shwe Project by the China National United Oil Corporation (CNUOC), Myanmar, and a consortium led by South Korea’s Daewoo International in Yangon, Myanmar, Dec. 24. / Xinhua-Yonhap

By David Watermeyer

It is tragic, yet sadly unsurprising, that the Korean government has rejected a serious complaint filed against Daewoo International and Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) regarding their “complicity in human rights abuses” in Myanmar (Burma) in the course of building a pipeline through the country.

“Burma” is used here to show solidarity with those who denounce as nothing less than evil the actions of military junta who were responsible for naming the county Myanmar.

According to a news release put out by the Shwe Gas Movement (SGM), SGM global coordinator Wong Aung, a member of the Arakan ethnic group, through whose community the proposed pipeline will traverse, strongly criticized the Korean government’s decision on Tuesday.

An extraction from the report says, “The Korean government has decided to ignore the reality of major resource extraction projects in Myanmar and the specific devastating effects of the Shwe project on the people in the pipeline regions.
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