Broken pumps cause water shortage in Yenangyaung

DVB Jan 1, 2009 (DVB)–Residents of Yenangyaung have been facing shortages of drinking water since the town’s three main water pumps broke down and many are worried about the risk of fires.

Locals are particularly worried about fires breaking out because of the stores of crude oil in Yenangyaung, an oil-producing town and one of the driest places in Burma.
Since the three water pumps which brought water to the town broke down, drinking water has only been available once every 10 days, according to a Yenangyaung resident.
“Water is pumped from the Ping stream and stored in a reservoir which holds a million gallons,” the resident said.
“Three of the four existing pumps have broken down and they can’t repair them,” he said. continue

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