Grassroots Human Rights Education And Development-Migrant Workers fired from work at a factory in Mahar Chai (Thailand)

Many Burmese migrant workers have been fired from an electronic products factory in Kilonsisone Moonmai, Mahar Chai area, Western Bangkok Thailand.
The ‘CD factory’, so called by it’s Burmese workers, has fired over 400 employees in two weeks.
Moe Khaing Or Wai, one of the workers who was fired last Monday said “When we arrived at the factory to work the Manager said we had all been fired. It’s not at all fair for us because every month we have paid 600 baht out of our salary for police fees, 200 baht for our bus fare and we lose about 1300 baht a month through paying for our work permit and days absent from work. We are paid 203 baht per day and 38 baht per hour for overtime, but we’ve never got over 2000 a month because they cut out so many ‘fees’ from our wages. My sisters and cousin were fired as well and they haven’t stopped firing people until now. Now there are only about 20 workers left in the factory. We have to find another job after New Year. They said the products were not selling enough and so there isn’t any work that needs doing. However we would like to get back all of the money that they cut from our wages every month”.
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