Prisoners in Lentlang concentration camp are being forced to work in re-building a motor road in Tidim Township, Chin state, Myanmar.

The prisoners are working everyday repairing the Indo-Myanmar trade road, Tiau-Tidim-Kalemyo from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., a local told Khonumthung News.
The military government has sanctioned enough funds for repairing roads, but the local authorities are using prisoners, instead of spending money to hire daily workers.
“We heard that the government used to sanction Kyat 20 lakh every year to repair the border trade road. But now the authorities are not using the sanctioned money. They are forcing the prisoners to work without money” he added.
Besides, prisoners are working with leg-cuffs and they are watched by at least five military personnel.
“They are in a pitiful state working with no rest under the blazing sun or heavy rain. When we pass them on the way they ask us for cigarette and betel nuts. Travelers drop some money, cigarettes and betel nuts from vehicles,” said a Burmese trader.
The Indo-Myanmar trade road, Tiau-Tidim-Kalemyo is mainly used for all kinds of transportation. But it is in a bad state in the rainy season and it causes delays in journey and accidents as the authorities did not build the road well.
At the same time, prisoners in Mantaw concentration camp, Kalemyo, Sagaing Division also being forced to clean bushes in Jethropha plantations area on a daily basis

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