following letter, written in the first week of December 2008 and sent out at great risk by a prisoner in Buthidaung prison in Burma’s Rhakine state, is to present the appalling conditions in the prison to Minister of Home Affairs Maung Oo,

in order to effect improvements and to request the authorities to grant prisoners their rights, as promised. As the prisoner who sent this letter wrote: “It is very difficult to send a letter like this out, but it is very important for us all, so we are attempting this and encouraging everyone to receive it openly.”]

The SPDC [Burmese military government] said they will work toward a democratic process and make positive changes in human rights. But the head of the Burma Human Rights Committee and Home Affairs Minister, Maung Oo, should know that the situation in prisons is much worse now than it was before. The director general of prisons said that he has made changes to the prison situation, but this has only happened in Insein prison in Rangoon, whereas more remote prisons are still operating like they were in the 1989-90 period. Nothing has changed, it is in fact worse.

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