Burma needs Rambos

Ref: International politics on Burma at its zenith? (Mizzima online, December 8, 2008).

As the year is about to end and the junta’s plan for its proposed election draws ever nearer, many democracy and human rights activists around the world are getting frustrated with the lack of progress towards a peaceful resolution to the political deadlock in Burma. Burmese activists inside the country have been sidelined through the unjustified lengthy sentencing of prison terms, while activists outside the country are in no better situation, as they are unable to produce any tangible result from their diplomatic and political initiatives because of the lack of strategic and logistic support from “friends of the Burmese people” – such as the uneasy alliance formed under the guidance of the United Nations Secretary General continue http://www.mizzima.com/edop/letters/1431-burma-needs-rambos.html

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