Residents in Rangoon have trying time with beggars

Begging has become a menace in Rangoon, the former capital of Burma and residents are having a tough time dealing with what has assumed the proportions of a major problem, a source said.

According to a Sanchaung Township resident, now they see beggars on almost every lane and street. The beggars do not restrict themselves to begging on the streets alone but also come to the homes and flats of residents ring the bell on all the floors.

There are more beggars on the streets than last year. And they beg even at night at the shops like beer bars. The beggars range from children to elderly people.

The shops in Rangoon also have to deal with beggars and complained that if they gave money to one beggar, many more beggars came and begged for money.

She added that they could understand the situation of the beggars but if they keep begging from them how could they give them money regularly given the economic crisis.
source Kachinnews

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